Perhaps another member will chime in here, but it appears to me that you already have everything you need to create your own file. Rebooting the desktops does nothing in terms of reducing the size of the WinSxS folder. After a moment, you will find out the useless files which need to be clean up. Click on the Disk Cleanup option, which will appear on the top results of your search. Thanks very much for this – I deleted 270 old update file backups and gained nearly 1 Gb. Microsoft regularly makes available critical Windows XP and Windows 2000 security patches which ensure that your operating system keeps up to date. These patches/hotfixes are obtained in a variety of ways such as visiting the Windows Update or Microsoft Update website .

You might be skeptical about this method because Windows explicitly tells you not to restart the PC and wait for the Windows to update. But, if the Windows really is stuck or hung at the stage then you really have no other option than to restart the PC. However, it still is your choice and you can choose not to reboot.

  • It backs up your registry by default for convenience.
  • You can follow the exact same method to fix “MMC could not create the snap-in.
  • Here are five ways to access the Advanced startup options on Windows 10 to boot in Safe Mode, change UEFI settings, use System Restore or System Recovery image to get your PC working again.

The security of the Chromium version of Edge has been improved, thanks to porting Application Guard to it. Installing and setting up Windows for others has been made easier thanks to new controls added to Dynamic Update, which can lead to less downtime during installation for users. Task Manager now displays new information, including the temperature of your GPU and your disk type. This minor build fixes a single issue, in which certain printers could not print, generated print errors, or caused apps and print spoolers to close unexpectedly. The System page of Control Panel has been removed.

With the patented performance technology, this tool can effectively boost the startup and download speed, and improve the performance of your CPU and graphics. Besides, you can choose Quick Scan or Deep Scan mode to clean up to 50 types of junk files, including your browsing and chatting history and cache.

Microsoft Explains Why Windows 11 Outperforms Windows 10

If you want more technical detail about the origin of componentization and the WinSxS folder, you can readthis 2008 post from the Ask the Core Team blog on the Microsoft TechNet site. After reading this post, you can get multiple methods to fix the Disk Cleanup stuck at Windows Update Cleanup error. If you are also experiencing this error, try the methods mentioned above. Right now, you can check if the Windows Update Cleanup stuck error is resolved at the next computer startup. At first, you need to type “cmd” from the search box. Deleting the contents of the SoftwareDistribution folder may solve this issue.

Insights Into Simple Dll Files Products

Its very hard to guess that when it will be available in the store. But Nokia displayed this app during Lumia 1520 launch event in November 2013 but didn’t comment on its availability in the store. Then in April 2014, Microsoft gave a brief demo of the app in Build 2014 Conference to show better use of Microsoft Azure. Your Windows Registry database contains a key related to the management of memory matters, and is accordingly named as Memory Management. There are certain values, enclosed in this key, which can be modified to change the patterns of system’s activities in managing memory. You’ll need to open the Registry Editor before you can perform any tweaks.

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