Gay men discuss their unique funniest and sweetest hookup stories

A self-described “hopeless romantic” requested his guy Redditors for their “funny/sweet hookup stories,” and you learn how it goes on the internet: inquire, and you also shall get. Here are a few of the best answers… or, no less than, the maximum amount of of these once we can safely reproduce!

The icebreaker

“This one hookup I found myself with was actually having a little bit of time and energy to heat up. He merely bottomed a few times before and ended up being stressed a little. … So I leaned in and whispered, ‘No homo.’ He tried to restrain the laughter but couldn’t. Occasionally laughter is the best solution to chill out your own bottom.”

The butterflies

“we visited a good lake to watch the sunset with a guy a little young than me. We found a wanting table, and I also advised him that my personal intend had been for him to kiss-me, which we did until a haggard drunk reached all of us. We went back to his room where we explored each other making love for 4 days. His roomie at some point stepped in, so we froze for a time and waited for the chap to-fall asleep (in identical room) before resuming. The guy … folded onto myself, in which we presented your — indeed there, we butterfly kissed as our breathing entirely synchronized and then we drifted into sleep. Haven’t viewed him since. It Actually Was like a weirdly stunning fancy.”

The check-in

“I’d a FWB in my own final city who was simply big. He’s the primary reason I happened to be able to find always bottoming. He had been more experienced and once had me personally over throughout the sundays and we’d posses a lot of enjoyment together. I eventually got to sample new stuff with your, also it got beneficial to me personally. One sweet moment in particular shines. I happened to be having my first threesome with your and another man I was encounter the very first time which he know. We were having a very good time, and additionally they had been going at they for some in the beginning before my FWB told me attain to my again. … the guy leaned in truly close and kissed myself. Subsequently, because of this silly look on their face: ‘Hello.’ Myself: ‘Hey.’ It was like he was therefore pleased to posses me personally there in this moment, even with one other chap inside the area. He had been going back to some thing common and comfy, and it ended up being like he had been claiming, ‘I’ve had gotten you.’ Like, knowing our sexual company throughout the higher section of a year at that point. It Absolutely Was merely truly nice and I also think about it lots!”

The trip guidelines

“Last spring, we continued my first solo visit to Puerto Vallarta. In my visibility, I pointed out I wanted you to definitely show me about. We met with men my get older, and then we did exactly that. On my last full time, the guy took me to a neighboring area on a little investigating expedition. Once we got in to his suite, sunlight is place just right. We launched all house windows inside the space, there was this orange hue of sun I’ll always remember [that] cleaned over his rooms. Generally, I’d never dare do the action because of the windows wide open, however the environment was actually only also perfect. We topped your therefore we cuddled before sun transpired. Even today it is however the absolute most close intercourse I’ve ever had with a man. I’ll always remember they.”

The swim head

“I was participating in a move meet at another institution. The head of the university’s personnel got approved leave my personal professionals sleeping on to the floor of their (tiny) living room. Once we have indeed there, we discovered that there ended up being no chance we could all healthy, very the guy offered to leave people sleep in his room, that we got him abreast of. I installed all the way down [with a] bath towel as a blanket and hoodie as a pillow. He closed the entranceway, and after about two mins, he says, ‘You learn, there’s more than enough room back at my bed.’ (It was a twin XL, and then we comprise both 6-foot-tall swimmer dudes; there seemed to be definitely not space.) With the rest of that evening was… remarkable as you would expect, as is acquiring walked in on by one of my personal teammates 6 days later.”

The long-distancers

“Met a son on the internet. We spent a phenomenal 20 times along. Then I moved to Asia. (I’m from Canada.) But I were able to convince your to consult with me personally. We’ve been together for over 36 months today.”

The very first big date

“15 in years past, I’d a hookup with a high, hot twink. They turned into watching anime and cuddling. He’s my husband today.”

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